My name is Sandy Swanson. I am a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in the Rochester Area. My office is located in Brighton in the offices of Greater Rochester Chiropractic.


What I enjoy most about massage therapy is gaining the trust of, and building rapport with, my patients, then helping them to feel better. Listening to a person is how that happens. I have always loved working with my hands. I am fulfilled when I am able to use my hands on the human body and when I am soaking in a patient's response from a session. Knowing that I helped a person feel better, both immediately and in the days that follow, gives me joy. Additionally, I want my patients to feel that my service is money well spent.

If you have been thinking about getting a massage but have not, the question is not "why a massage", but rather "why NOT a massage".


30 Allens Creek Road (Greater Rochester Chiropractic)                                                                          Rochester, NY 14618                                                                                                                                 585-943-7664                                                                                                                         



"Massage can make a better-feeling, better-functioning you"



Sandy's child Taz


- Veteran's Outreach Center

- Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly - GRAPE



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